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The Stumptown Steam Thresher Reunion
September 10th and 11th 2011

The History of StumpTown

A steam thresher's reunion was held over 40 years ago at Raymond Leisure's farm which was located west of the site of the present StumpTown Steam Threshers Club ShowGrounds. The reunion became an annual event and the club was incorporated over 40 years ago. The event was moved to its present location at about the same time.

Raymond Laizure started the event in the late 1940's after attending a similar event in Pennsylvania.He was a Russell Steam Engine Enthusiast and became founder of the StumpTown Steam Thresher Club, Inc.

The name StumpTown was adopted from the name of a Small coal mining settlement which was located just west of the present ShowGrounds. Every Year on Saturday and Sunday following Labor Day this event continues to Carry on the tradition of demonstrating how farming became "Modern" with the use of mechanized equipment powered by steam and internal combustion engines.

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