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The Mountaineer Stripping Shovel

The Mountaineer, like so many other massive shovels, spent it's lifetime working the coal fields around Cadiz, Ohio. Officially designated the "Marion 5760, the mountaineer was assembled in the mid-1950's, and began her working life in January 1956. She continued to work the area, until 1979, when she was parked. For nearly ten years she sat idle before the decision was made to dismantle her. These eletric shovels are used to remove the earth and rock overburden from the coal seam. In a month's time,they will each remove as much as 1,600,000 cubic yards,or some 2,400,000 ton's. If this material were to be loaded into open railroad car,it would fill some 48,000 of them. Shovel Specification's Dipper Capacity ---------------------------------50 cubic yard's Total Height-------------------------------------130 feet Total Length of Boom-----------------------------120 feet Length of Dipper Handle--------------------------60 feet Lifting Power------------------------------------400,000 pound's Approximate Weight-------------------------------3,500,000 pound's (1,750 ton's) 4,160 volt's of electric power is delivered to the shovel by flexible cable. The shovel has eight electric motor's: 2----------425 H.P. Hoisting Motor's 3----------125 H.P. Rotating motor's 2----------75 H.P. Crowding Motor's 1----------1,500 H.P. Driving Motor The shovel "floats" on four electrically controlled hydraulic cylinders which keep it absolutely level while operating. The shovel crawls under its own power at a maximum speed of 31 feet per minute.It is capable of climbibng grades steeper than 20%. The actual operation of the shovel is controlled by one man,who uses 2 foot treadles,2 hand levers and 1 whistle cord.One other control is used when moving the shovel from place to place.In addition to the operator,one oiler is used for lubrication and minor repair work,and one shift per day,a ground oiler is employed. A bulldozer works with the shovel at all times to push fallen earth and rocks to where it can easily be reached by the shovel. The control on this machine is highly developed. Not withstanding the weight handled and the lifting poer availably .The operator has,through the controls,a very delicate "feel" of the machine in all its functions,and he can with extreme rapidity and great accuracy,maneuver all of it's motion.The depth of overburden which these shovels remove averages 80 feet.

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The Mountaineer

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